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Throughout our adult years we have new experiences and gain more responsibilities.  It is also a very busy time for many of us.  Juggling work, family, schooling, and a personal life can make life pretty crazy.  Keeping up with your oral health may seem difficult but good habits and the right care can keep your teeth happy and healthy.  You’ll also be able to avoid long appointments at the dentist, expensive procedures, and possible pain and discomfort with good oral hygiene. Most of us take healthy teeth for granted, especially when there are other things on our minds.  According the to American Dental Association only 50% of people in the U.S. see a dentist at least once a year. We’re here to help no matter your situation and have treatment options for everyone.

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Caring for your teeth

Keeping your smile white

Braces and wisdom teeth: Am I too old?

Oral health during pregnancy

Common dental procedures for adults:

~ Cleanings and Fluoride treatment

~ Fillings

~ Root canals

~ Crowns

~ Bridges

~ Veneers

~ Periodontal disease

~ Dentures and partial dentures