Meet Our Staff

Kyle K. Harmon, DDS

Dr. Harmon was born and raised right here in Layton and graduated from Layton High School.  He graduated from the University of Maryland with a Doctorate in Dental Surgery (DDS).  The school of dentistry at University of Maryland has been consistently ranked in the top ten schools of dentistry across the country and has an extremely competitive acceptance rate.  He also completed his bachelor’s in business management at Brigham Young University.  During his schooling he trained under experienced dentists to become proficient in all scopes of dentistry.  Dr. Harmon completes hundreds of hours of continuing education every year  attends dental conventions, classes, and other studies to keep him up to date with the latest trends, not to mention helping hundreds of patients over the years with their dental needs.

Dr. Harmon’s Dental Style:

Dr Harmon grew up hating going to the dentist. He understands the anxiety and/or discomfort that one can deal with in the chair. He went to dental school to learn to solve that problem, and make your visit as comfortable as he knows how. Dr. Harmon believes in 21st century dentistry. He was trained in cutting edge technology and he uses that to make your dental experience the easiest, fastest, and least painful way possible; while still getting the best and longest lasting care that dental medicine has to offer today. Come and see him today and be amazed how you can actually enjoy going to the dentist!