Teens ages 13-19


The teenage years bring a lot of development and growth mentally, emotionally, and physically.  As much as they smiling-teen-boyprobably don’t like it, teenagers need just as much or even more attention when it comes to oral hygiene.  As the baby teeth fall out and the permanent grow in certain steps should be taken to insure the best oral health for your teenager and that they learn lasting habits to keep their teeth healthy.  For most teens, this stage of life is when they’ll wear braces, have their wisdom teeth removed, and of course still continue with regular cleanings and exams to make sure their teeth are developing well.

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Caring for your teens teeth

Accidents and emergency care

The 411 on wisdom teeth

Common procedures for teenagers:

~Simpli 5  – straighter teeth in half the time than normal braces

~ Cleanings

~ Fluoride treatment 

~ Fillings

~ Athletic guards and night guards

~ Root canal therapy

~ Crowns

~ Other procedures

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